Do You Earn a Living On This Computer?

Many of the folks that I provide broadband Internet derive an income in some way with their existing computer. When we bring people online to the modern Internet we ensure that their computers, that they would like to be online, are capable of being online with a fast broadband connection. More often than not we see computers that have been online before and are littered with problems. Before we leave, we will inform the new client that their machines are in need of a little TLC. Most times this advice goes unheeded. Later, in the relationship we develop as their provider of Internet, many of our clients realize that their computer and their broadband Internet connection could make them some money. Some are successful, some are not. Those that become successful still operate this new venture on the old computers that we told them needed TLC. These clients that are now making money online with their computer will call us and tell us that the service we are providing is not adequate for their needs. We will stop by with our company computers that are clean and maintained and show them that the weak link is their computer, and not the service I provide. Remember the advice was not heeded.

The client will then say they need to go buy a new computer to run their new online business. This may or may not necessarily be true. I mention TLC. What do I mean by TLC? By TLC I mean normal computer hygiene.

Your car, like your computer, needs scheduled service like an oil change every so often. Sometimes it needs a tune up. Many people use their car to get to work so it makes sense to keep it running the best it can. You could say they derive their income by the tool we would call a car. The same holds true for your computer. If your computer makes you money, please maintain it. You will be glad that you do.

So what do you mean “normal computer hygiene” you may be asking? On a computer running Microsoft Windows there are utilities built into the operating system that when run frequently, like the oil change on your car every 3000 miles, will extend the life of this money- making tool. These are utilities that you can run without the intervention and expense of a computer guru. These are utilities that a computer guru will run anyways on your computer when you bring it to him or her for service. Unlike an oil change in your car, there are no specialty tools required. The only thing that is required is some time, knowledge of where these utilities are located on your computer, and how to run them.

Please heed the advice that mostly goes unheeded. Maintain that computer so that you can continue to make the money you do from your computer.

Computer Repair And Maintenance Made Easy, [], has simple and easy to follow tutorials that anyone, including you, can follow. These tutorials show exactly how to perform normal computer hygiene.

Steven Grabiel is not a computer repair guru. He is a computer networking guy who has seen several thousand computers on his network that are in desperate need of common computer hygiene.

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